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Installation, Repair and Maintenance Solutions for your Automaton

Manufacturing plants are a full-scale operation. With so many moving parts, it’s important to make sure your machinery is functioning at optimum capacity in order to maintain efficiency and productivity for your business. 

When your equipment malfunctions or stops running as smoothly, it can halt your entire production process. A quick solution is needed, but between tight budgets, deadlines and managing the rest of your business, it can be impossible for you to find one on your own.

Culpepper Solutions is a premier automation industry expert and certified AMK provider that offers specialized field services to enhance your automation. Whether you need a quick repair or an entire system replacement, we have the knowledge and expertise to create a customized solution that fits your needs and saves you tons in the process.


Services We Offer

At Culpepper Solutions, our services expand across the automation industry. Whatever technical concerns your company is facing, we have the capabilities to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses your automation concerns.

Repair and Maintenance

An old and run-down part can slow down your manufacturing. We’ll assess the potential damage of your equipment and find a solution to repair the machinery and bring it up to speed. With maintenance services that provide continual checkups on your equipment, we’ll make sure it continues functioning properly for long-lasting results.


If your technological problems require more than just a simple repair, it may be more cost-effective to install a new part. CSG’s expansive network of partners has quality products that our services can install.

Our installation services also handle brand new and startup equipment that needs to be integrated into your automation process.

AMK Product Training Courses

With AMK no longer serving in America, it is difficult to find a company trained in their products. Culpepper Solutions is an authorized AMK Service Provider, giving us the ability to train our clients in AMK devices and products.

We offer various types of training courses depending on your experience level. From application engineers looking for an in-depth course to maintenance workers who need to understand general interface, we’ve got a course to teach you what you need to know.

The CSG Process

When your manufacturing plant is in need of technological solutions, Culpepper Solutions has specialized field services to get the job done.

Our automation experts will get back to you in just 24 hours after you reach out. Once we discuss what your needs are, we’ll schedule an in-person visit to your establishment so our experts can assess your existing equipment and processes. 

Based on our observations, we’ll create a packet of options for you detailing quality solutions that fit your situation. Our staff is knowledgeable in the latest in automation, so you’re guaranteed to get the best product or service needed to boost your manufacturing.


After your decision has been made on what direction to head in, our services will take care of your automation problems. 

CSG’s proactive field services are customer-driven, so we’ll work with you throughout the entire process to make sure your manufacturing gets what it needs. Even after the service is complete, our staff will check up on your progress every now and then to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly. Our hands-on approach guarantees long-lasting service.

Why Choose CSG

Culpepper Solutions has experienced staff on both the sales and service side, so you’re guaranteed to get knowledgeable solutions in a proactive manner. 

Our automation experts are MANA members and have over 30 years in the industry, know all there is to know in legacy equipment and can even install and train you in AMK servo motors and other devices. Combined with our client-centered approach, we’ll find efficient solutions that our specialized field services can provide at a reasonable cost. 

With proactive maintenance services that keep up with your equipment, our solutions will solve your manufacturing problems before they become problems. Even after a repair is complete, our experts will remain responsive, continue to check up on your satisfaction and keep you up-to-date on your equipment’s needs. 

Receive Reliable Service Solutions 

When your manufacturing needs an upgrade, Culpepper Solutions’ specialized field services provide comprehensive solutions that improve efficiency and productivity for your automation process. Let us take care of your automation so you can focus on your company’s success.

Schedule a consultation with us and get on track to fixing your automation problems and enhancing your equipment.


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