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Reliable Automation Equipment For Your Manufacturing Process

Your manufacturing plant relies on trustworthy equipment. That can mean investing in new advanced machinery, finding a more responsive partner or diving into your first automation project.

Finding the right equipment for your production can be difficult. In between tight budgets, time-sensitive deadlines and unresponsive providers, your options seem limited.

Culpepper Solutions can connect you with the right products for your specific situation. Through our extensive network of trusted partners, flexible services and client responsiveness, you can worry less about improving efficiency and focus more on keeping your operation successful.

Effective Manufacturing Products

Culpepper Solutions has an expansive network of partners who carry legacy equipment known for efficiency and reliability. Take a look at the products we have access to: 


  • SAF soft-starters
  • IIS servo motors
  • IIS servo drives
  • IIS motion controllers 
  • IIS stepper drives/motors
  • AMK Motion servo motors
  • AMK Motion servo drives
  • AMK Motion controllers
  • Neugart Planetary gearboxes
  • Jaka Robotics robotic arms
  • OnRobot robot hands
  • TFS tubing machines
  • And more.

The CSG Process

Culpepper Solutions is always looking for our next client. There are numerous tradeshows and networking events within the automation industry that showcase our products, services and expansive network of partners.

As soon as a client contacts us, within 24 hours we are reaching out to schedule an in-person visit to your manufacturing plant. We’ll examine your existing equipment and machines and make recommendations for a product based on what we see.   

You can expect a packet of options to review after the visit. We’ll work with you to find the best decision for your situation, whether it’s a single part replacement or an entire system upgrade, so you can control your solution. 

Once your final decision has been made, we’ll stay in touch with you throughout the entire process, answering questions and following up once the machinery has made it. 

Even after your product has been successfully installed, we’ll continue to check up with you to ensure that your equipment is functioning properly.

Why Choose Our Reliable Solutions

When you work with Culpepper Solutions, you work with an experienced staff on the sales and service side. A combination of over 30 years in the automation industry alongside customer service gives us the necessary skills to find the correct equipment for your manufacturing process. 

Culpepper Solutions factory-trained staff are knowledgeable in legacy equipment and the up-and-coming game-changers in automation. We offer comprehensive services and products that ensure you have a turnkey partner for all your automation needs. With us, you’re guaranteed to get equipment that increases efficiency and productivity. 

Your machinery is the backbone of your manufacturing process. When a part malfunctions, it could halt your entire production. Our proactive services will find efficient solutions that solve your problems before they become problems. Reliable equipment will help you reach long-term, specific goals without worry of defects.

With a solution found, our automation experts will continue to check on your equipment and keep you up-to-date on its needs. With a customer-first mindset, we remain responsive and personable to ensure you get the perfect solution for whatever problems you’re facing.

Invest in Proprietary Products

When you need reliable machinery for your automation problems, Culpepper Solutions will connect you with a trustworthy product provider. Schedule a consultation and let us examine your systems and recommend the perfect solution that lasts.


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