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Solving Emerging Automation Problems with Reliable Solutions

Culpepper Solutions provides manufacturers with comprehensive, customer-centric automation solutions
that can proactively improve efficiency while maintaining project integrity.

Manufacturing Products

From robotic arms to soft-starters, you’ll work with our factory trained staff to connect with the right partners to find your next reliable automation solution.

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Automation Consulting

With experience on the application and sales side of automation, you receive custom consulting that can streamline efficiency and increase cost savings.

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Specialized Field Services

Our team is certified to install and maintain AMK Motion servo systems along with other providers. Through a hands-on approach, you’ll receive quick, long-lasting service.

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Decades of Experience That
Streamlines Your Specific Solution

Culpepper Solutions was founded by automation experts who’ve been on both the buying and selling end of the manufacturing industry. This unique perspective showed us a lack of turnkey options from reliable sources.

With a detailed process in mind and clear results as our goal, you can control your customized automation solution when you work with us. Your solution will be adaptive, efficient, cost-effective and collaboratively selected.

Through client-centered practices and comprehensive services, we connect reliable partners with proactive-minded manufacturers. We help product providers meet new customers and manufacturers run efficient operations.

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We couldn’t help our clients without our trusted partners. That’s why we’re always looking to team up with quality product providers to help them reach new and engaged clients. Get in touch with us to grow your network.

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When you need a reliable solution for your pressing automation problems, Culpepper Solutions has your answer. Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can improve your process.

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